The Azienda Agricola "Le Sughere del Montefico“, a farm holidays winery, is part of the Etruscan wine road situated on the Montefico mountain, which dominates the town of Rio Marina, in the heart of the mining area at the East Coast of the Elba island. The winery is extended over 25 hectares of land, about 10 hectares of which have a high concentration of grapevines (approximately 6000 per hectare) dedicated to it. The grapevines are set on a slope disposed with terraces, where the soil is particularly rich of minerals and vegetal fibre remains. On these terraces at the back the mountain descending towards the sea under cork oaks, pine trees and the Mediterranean scrubland, we find the same vegetation that covers the Montefico area. This lucky situation also determines the smell and the taste of the grapes and thus of the wines: taste and bouquet, which evidence becomes even more intense and more particular in the dessert wines, thanks to a progressive method during a natural ripening process.
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